xentec vox studio supports wav adpcm a-law mu-law

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Convert wav to vox files for Dialogic


Computer telephony software with the following capabilities:

You will find it at Xentec NV. The software is called Vox Studio.

Generate, edit or convert wav voice files into vox adpcm, mu-law or a-law, cvsd, pcm and other computer telephony formats (even indexed vap files). Vox Studio by Xentec NV supports not only Dialogic but also NMS, OKI, Centigram, NewVoice, InterVoice, Nortel, Voicetek, Rockwell and other CTI systems. File conversion to standard speech formats, compression and coding algorithms is available. Batch conversion increases your productivity. Wav to vox conversion or vox to wav conversion.

At Xentec NV, you'll find a web site full of information on Vox Studio. Click here to learn more about Vox Studio .

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