xentec vox studio supports wav adpcm a-law mu-law

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Convert vox files for computer telephony


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You have located it. You'll find it all at Xentec NV the home of Vox Studio. The Vox Studio program heps you generate and edit such files and it does vox to wav conversion as well.

Vox file is the usual name given to computer telephony files. In reality, vox files can be stored in many different formats. They can contain voice data in ADPCM compression or raw PCM or even a-law and mu-law companding algorithm. The content of a vox file can also be a single prompt or a whole series of voice prompts. Vox Studio from Xentec NV is a program that creates such VOX files. Xentec's Vox Studio does conversion from wav to vox formats and back. Find out more about the various sorts of vox files and about Vox Studio at the Xentec NV site.

At Xentec NV, you'll find an easy to use, informational web site and a powerful program to generate telephony vox files. Click here to learn more about vox files.

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