xentec vox studio supports wav adpcm a-law mu-law

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Vox Studio

    Conversion to Vox ADPCM, Mu-law, A-law, WAV for Dialogic and NMS.

    Wav to vox file conversion

    Generate and edit sound files in VOX ADPCM, Mu-law or A-law, WAV, CVSD, PCM and other computer telephony formats. Vox Studio by Xentec NV supports Dialogic, NMS, OKI, Centigram, Syntellect, NewVoice, InterVoice, Nortel, Voicetek, Philips, Aspect, Rockwell and many other CTI systems. Industry-standard speech file formats and compression algorithms are supported.

    Telephony tool for recording voice files

    Vox Studio produces Wav files or Vox files for cards and systems by Dialogic and NMS, Intervoice and IBM Directalk, NewVoice and OKI, Philips, Voicetek Generations, Group 2000, Aspect and Nortel, Elan and Bicom.These audio sound files can be used with development tools by Apex Omnivox, Stylus, Visual Voice, MediaSoft, Artisoft or Parity. Systems using CCITT (ITU) sound formats G.711, G.721, G.726 or Sun/NeXT AU are supported too.

    Vox Studio is a toolbox for computer telephony (CTI) audio files. It simplifies the efficient production and conversion of digitized messages for voice applications like Voice Mail, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Call Centers, Phone Banking, Audiotex. Production of digitized sound files is batch-automated and produces consistent top quality results for telephony after algorithm conversion. Recorded studio tapes can be digitized.

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