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Vox Studio

    Record and convert voice files in ADPCM, Mu-law, A-law PCM, VOX, WAV for Dialogic, NMS and other computer telephony products.

    The Ideal WAV to VOX Tool

    Generate and edit sound files in ADPCM, Mu-law or A-law, WAV, VOX, CVSD, PCM and other computer telephony formats. Vox Studio by Xentec supports Dialogic, NMS, OKI, Centigram, Syntellect, NewVoice, InterVoice, Nortel, Voicetek, Philips, Aspect, Rockwell and many other CTI systems. Industry-standard speech file formats and compression algorithms are supported.

    Telephony tool for Call Centers, IVR and Voicemail systems

    Vox Studio is a software tool for computer telephony (CTI). It allows the efficient editing and conversion of digitized messages for voice processing applications like Voice Mail, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Call Centers, Phone Banking, Audiotex. The tedious tasks involved in the production of digitized sound files are now batch-automated and produce consistent top quality results for telephony, even after conversion. Pre-recorded studio tapes can be digitized and converted automatically.

    Vox Studio, a toolbox by Xentec nv, allows voice messages (prompts) to be prepared in-house using a PC, a multimedia sound card, and a recording microphone. Vox Studio produces standard Wav files or Vox files which can be manipulated by a wide variety of products: cards and systems by Dialogic and NMS, Intervoice, IBM Directalk and Brite, NewVoice and OKI, Philips, Voicetek Generations, Group 2000, Aspect and Nortel, Elan and Bicom.These audio sound files can be used with applications and generators such as Apex Omnivox, Stylus, Visual Voice, MediaSoft, Microlog Intela, Artisoft or Parity VOS. Systems using CCITT (ITU) sound formats G.711, G.721, G.726 or Sun/NeXT AU are supported too.

    Additional information

    Conversion is possible between all the multimedia and voice processing telephony formats known to Vox Studio. Some CTI system suppliers use indexed voice files. Conversion from stand-alone files to these multi-message indexed files and back is supported.

    The tape-loader will automatically digitize a pre recorded (studio) tape, detect the silences between successive prompts, decide where to cut and save each prompt under a pre-assigned (or automatically generated) filename.

    Special effects such as high-pass and low-pass filtering, DTMF detection and removal, signal centering around the base-line, silence and volume normalization can be applied.

    Vox Studio has drag-and-drop capability. You can select telephony or multi-media files from Explorer and drop them onto the Vox Studio icon. This will start the sequential decoding and playback of the files you selected. All file formats supported by Vox Studio can be played like this.

    The format conversion functions can be performed in "background" batch mode so that you can continue to use your PC for other tasks while Vox Studio converts hundreds of files. You could, for instance, listen to prompts in Vox Studio while file conversions occur in the background. Conversions can also be controlled from an external application using Vox Studio's command-line conversion capability. Here you will find more details on what Vox Studio can do:


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