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Access Maps to Xentec

The first map on this page is a general area map. It shows where Xentec is located and how you can reach Kortenberg from the major access roads and highways. The second map is a detailed map of the immediate Xentec surroundings, use it to find us in the final 5 minutes of your trip. The third and final part of this page are written directions to access the Xentec office. Print this page and show it to your taxi driver.

General Area Map

Kortenberg in neighbourhood of Brussels

Detailed Area Map

Detailed access map to Xentec in Kortenberg

Driving Directions

Head to the north-eastern side of the Brussels "Ring". On the Ring follow signs to Leuven / Luik (Liege) and take the highway from Brussels to Leuven and Luik (Liege) eastwards, towards Leuven. This is the E40 highway. Leave the E40 after only a few minutes at exit number 21. This exit is clearly numbered and has signs for Nossegem and Sterrebeek (it is NOT the exit after exit 20). At the top of the exit ramp take the N227 left towards Nossegem. You will drive over the highway. After less than 1 kilometre, at the traffic lights, turn right onto the N2 towards Kortenberg and Leuven. The N2 is also called the Leuvense steenweg. After 1600 meters on the N2 you will pass a Shell station and Hotel 3 Sparren on your left. Just there, turn right, at the white Kortenberg sign, onto the Hoogveldstraat. Take the 3rd street left, this is the Maai straat. Drive 200 meters until the street makes a 90 curve. De Helftwinning starts right there, in the curve. We are at De Helftwinning 2, which is the first building on the corner. There is a red pillar right at the entrance. Park your car on the garage area. If you get lost, call us at +32-2-757 0666.

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