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Vox Studio 3 and the VoxConvert DLL

Vox Studio current version 3.0.98

Vox Studio is a computer telephony editor and wav to vox file format converter. Click this to view a screen.  Vox Studio 3  is a 32-bit Win95 to Win7 application. It still works on Win8 and Win10 but you have to initially enter the license while running "voxstudio.exe" with "run as administrator" in Windows Explorer. The Vox Studio 3 demo files are available from our download page. Registered customers of a previous Vox Studio version can purchase a lower cost upgrade to Vox Studio 3.

Click for a large Vox Studio screen image

Making the license stick under Win8 and Win10

If you run Win8 or Win10 install Vox Studio as usual with the donwloaded SetupVS3.msi file. Then, when you want to enter your license in Vox Studio, start the installed "voxstudio.exe" file in Explorer with a "shift-right-click" and select "run as administrator" from the menu. You have to do this once only, when entering the license.

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