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Vox Studio 3 and the VoxConvert DLL

Vox Studio current version 3.0.98

Vox Studio is a computer telephony editor and wav to vox file format converter. Click this to view a screen.  Vox Studio 3  is a 32-bit Win95/98/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/Win7 version of Vox Studio 2. It has an API (a 32-bit conversion DLL), cut and paste editing capability, and many new productivity features requested by customers. The Vox Studio 3 demo files are available from our download page. Registered customers of a previous Vox Studio version can purchase a lower cost upgrade to Vox Studio 3.

Click for a large Vox Studio screen image

New version in the works

We are working on the definition of Vox Studio 4 and the accompanying conversion DLL. If you have specific requests for this new major revision now is the time to contact us by going here !

32-bit conversion DLL

A 32-bit sound file conversion DLL is available for application programmers. This DLL is part of the full Vox Studio 3 product but is also available separately to volume customers. Get the full documentation from our download page and download the Vox Studio demo to try it out. This is for programmers only.

Version 2.06 still available

The older Vox Studio version 2.06 is still available if you need a 16-bit version. Download an unregistered copy of Vox Studio 2.06 from this site. Customers using 32-bit operating systems should select version 3.0 instead.

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