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MonoVox for NMS "vox" files

MonoVox is a Windows utility which allows drag-and-drop batch-conversion of single-message NMS ".vce" files to single-message indexed  NMS ".vox" files and back. Using one single drag-and-drop operation Natural MicroSystems  telephony hardware users can convert huge quantities of NMS ".vce" files to or  from the single-prompt NMS ".vox" format. MonoVox is "freeware". MonoVox is provided to you as a courtesy of Xentec NV, the makers of the Vox Studio program. If you need to create  indexed multi-prompt NMS files, then Vox  Studio becomes your obvious choice. The functionality of MonoVox is built into Vox Studio version 2.05 and later versions.

Naturally, free of charge software is provided on an "as is" basis, without  warranty or support of any kind. Click here to go to the  download page and get your own copy of MonoVox.

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