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Vox Studio Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about Vox Studio. If the answer to your question is not found here or in the Vox Studio manual, send us an email by clicking here and we will get back to you right away. Please remember that there are time zone differences on this planet and that our time-zone is GMT+1. Check our web download page to see if you have the latest version of Vox Studio.

When I am playing a file all I hear is loud noise

    You may be playing a file in a format unsupported by Vox Studio. If not, somewhere in the production or playback process, the wrong file format was indicated to Vox Studio. You may, for example, have told Vox Studio to play a file as ADPCM while in fact it contains A-law coded sound. An error may also have occurred in an earlier stage. For instance, when you converted the file, a wrong source or target format may have been selected.

Vox Studio does not play my file, other utilities do

    You probably forgot to set up your sound devices in the "Defaults" menu. Vox Studio allows you to select the sound card you want to use (for those who have more than one sound card).

The file plays noticeably too slow or too fast

    Somewhere in the production process or during playback you have indicated a wrong sampling rate to Vox Studio. For example, if you have produced a telephony file with an 8 kHz sampling rate and are playing it back at 6 kHz, the file will play back too slow.

Do you have a version that supports long filenames?

    Yes, we do. Vox Studio version 3.0 and later is a full 32-bit version and was designed to work with Windows 95, Windows 98, NT4 and Windows 2000. It supports long filenames and long directory names. If you need this feauture you should upgrade to the latest version.

Vox Studio cannot open my WAV file

    Are you sure your file is in "linear PCM" WAV format? There are hundreds of different WAV file types (they all have the same WAV extension) and we support the most common format used by 99% of all WAV users. Also make sure your sound card can handle mono files (stereo files are useless in telephony).

The telephony files sound muffled

    This is not unusual if you have converted to a file format with a very low sampling rate (8 or 6 KHz). Try the "Intelligibility Filter" option in the conversion dialog box. Settings for the intelligibility filter are in the "Defaults/Miscellaneous" menu. Try setting the "Clarity" option.

I have problems under Windows 2000

    You may be using the 16-bit version of Vox Studio. For Win 2K support you should upgrade to Vox Studio version 3.0 or later.

I am always asked for the file format

    Unfortunately most telephony file formats contain no information as to the file coding used inside the file itself. You just have to know which format and sampling rate is used in every particular file and you have to tell this to Vox Studio. If you often use the same telephony format, you can simplify your work a lot by setting this format as the default source or target format in Vox Studio (using the Defaults menu).

    Some newer telephony file formats have a header with a signature at the beginning of the file. This enables Vox Studio to know what file coding and sampling rate to use. If that is the case, Vox Studio always uses this information automatically and never prompts you to enter the information if it exists.

16 bit or 8 bit wav files

    There is no discussion here. Use a resolution of 16 bits for your original recordings. This is 256 times better than a resolution of 8 bits. We only added support for 8 bit files for those unfortunate users who have a very old 8-bit sound card and cannot afford to install a newer one. Unless you absolutely need to use 8 bits, we strongly suggest you even forget it is available.

I want to resell and give Vox Studio an OEM look

    Vox Studio resellers and volume customers can display their own logo in the Vox Studio main window. Vox Studio resellers can also show an additional menu item in the Vox Studio Help menu. If a web browser is installed on the same machine as Vox Studio, this new menu item will open the reseller's custom html page. Volume customers and resellers should contact Xentec directly for more information on implementing these capabilities.

I cannot process long files

    The free Vox Studio demo version (unregistered version) limits the length of the processed files. When you purchase a license for Vox Studio you get a license number and a registration key which allow you to transform the demo version into a fully registered one. There is no limitation on the length of the files or on the number of files handled in the registered version.

I am writing an application, can I use Vox Studio conversions?

    Yes. There is a file conversion DLL which you can use when you buy Vox Studio and there is also a command-line interface. Contact Xentec for more information on how this works.

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