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Telephony vox files. Recording and conversion to ADPCM, A-law, Mu-law PCM from WAV


Feature overview

Vox Studio creates and edits "VOX" files in ADPCM, A-law or Mu-law computer telephony formats and in WAV voice formats. The program runs under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT4 and Windows 2000. It supports Dialogic, NMS (Natural MicroSystems), Intervoice, Nortel, NewVoice CVSD, Voicetek, Aspect, OKI, Rockwell, Centigram, Microlog, IBM Directalk, Elan Informatique, Philips, PhoneBlaster, SoundDesigner, Bicom and other CTI speech files. Standard ITU (the old CCITT) formats are supported too. This sound recording, editing and conversion toolbox from Xentec NV, provides professional quality audio voice prompts using various compression and companding speech algorithms.

Pure telephony toolbox

Vox Studio is a 32-bit Windows software tool. It allows the efficient production of digitized messages for voice processing and telephone applications such as Voice Mail, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Call Centers, Phone Banking, Audiotex. The production of hundreds or even thousands of sound files is now automated and provides consistent high-quality audio results.

Vox Studio allows voice messages (menu prompts) to be prepared in-house using a Windows PC, a multimedia sound card, and a microphone. The program records standard WAV files which can be converted to telephony files or can be edited. It also excels at converting professionally recorded studio tapes to digitized telephony files.

Batch recording and conversion

Vox Studio converts WAV files, in batch mode, to VOX (or VAP) telephony files (ADPCM, CCITT A-law and Mu-law, PCM, WAV, CVSD for cards by Dialogic, NMS and many others). You can convert from any supported file compression format to any other supported file format. We create many manufacturer-specific CTI file formats including the well-known Dialogic and NMS formats.

Massive prompt recording sessions are possible using the "prompter" and the "tape-loader". The prompter flashes messages one by one on screen, and records from a microphone. This is a very efficient method to record hundreds of prompts for a voice application. The built-in tape loader automatically digitizes, cuts and saves prompts from a pre-recorded studio tape to file, without manual intervention. The built-in file slicer allows automatic cutting of large wav files into a multitude of smaller files. This allows one big recording session to produce thousands of smaller prompt files. Vox Studio offers a complete toolbox of audio utilities for telephone applications: player, recorder, editor, filter,conversion.

Sound enhancements

You can trim recorded prompts through removal (and addition) of silence at the beginning and at the end of voice files. Vox Studio does this automatically and adjusts to the silence length that you choose for your application.

There are many other productivity features built into Vox Studio: reduction of talk-off through DTMF filtering of messages, automatic sound level amplitude normalization, intelligibility boosting, and more. Voice processing professionals will immediately recognize the advantage of having all these capabilities grouped into one, easy-to-use application.

Vox Studio is a user-friendly Windows application and is compatible with Windows 95/98, Windows NT4 and Windows 2000. It requires a sound card if files need to be recorded or played back. No sound card is necessary for conversion from one voice file format to another, or to perform editing, filtering and silence trimming operations. Vox Studio is an ideal tool for computer telephony developers and voice system administrators.

Transcription support

Vox Studio has basic transcription features which make it possible to start, pause or stop a sound file playback in Vox Studio from within the Word wordprocessor. Files can be transcribed faster as there is no need to constantly switch from one program to the other.

Get more information

Browse around using the menu at the left side of this page and find out more about using Vox Studio to produce Dialogic, NMS and other telephony files or download a working demo from our downloads page and try it out.

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