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Xentec will manage the initial European headquarters of your foreign company in Europe, from an office near Brussels, in Belgium. We'll grow your sales, support and visibility in Europe. We will manage your direct sales effort and your local distributors. If you are starting from scratch, Xentec will be your first point of contact with European distributors, OEM customers and prospects. We'll help set-up distribution channels and assist you in closing strategic deals with major OEMs in Europe. After an initial period of training, we can even act as your local applications and technical support center. We'll advise your product design teams on specific European product requirements. We will be visiting customers for you in Europe and you can accompany us when you travel to Brussels

We can do this for a year or more and, eventually, when your sales are starting to roll, you will be willing to invest and open your very own office in Europe. Xentec will then help you hire local sales resources or a general manager for your new subsidiary. We will bring these resources up to speed and hand over all your local operations to them.

You may not be ready yet for a full-blown penetration of the European market and may just want to sign an important business agreement with a selected strategic partner or customer in Europe. We can assist you locally in these, often tedious, and intricate negotiations. We'll be your European matchmaker. Contact us to discuss what we have done for others before, and could do for you today. Write to us at with a brief synopsis of what you are trying to achieve. Naturally, we are willing to sign a mutual non-disclosure-agreement before any confidential details are revealed.Click here for a summary of advantages.

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