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Starting Your European Business Unit

Xentec provides European Business Development services to emerging foreign companies planning to penetrate the European marketplace with innovative technology products. Our experience in high-tech sales and support, our knowledge of the market, and a fully-equipped office in the Brussels area are key assets. Outsource your early European sales and support activities to Xentec, and obtain instant access to a knowledgeable, multilingual and experienced European office. This is the fastest way to build-up a European sales network at no risk. Once business is growing set-up your very own independent headquarters and expand further. Click here to find out more about our European business development services and the advantages of this approach.

European Tender Management

Xentec is the European base that enables you, as a foreign high-tech company, to bid for major tenders in Europe. We can help you win deals today that justify the European organization you will need to invest in tomorrow. We find you the local strategic partners you need in order to be successful. We are your instant, and knowledgeable, local time-zone, sales office.

Going Global Presentation

Our General Manager, Melvyn Fishel, gave a presentation at CT Expo 98 in Los Angeles. The subject was "Going Global", in particular, selling CTI products into Europe. The presentation is targeted at a US audience. You can download the zipped presentation (1.85MB) here in Powerpoint format.

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